Now that Education is no longer the key to success what and where is the New key?

January 1997(about 5yrs old) in the afternoon as I was burning the bush with some other relative we got called by his mum who also happens to be my distant granny and they were taking us for an interview to a near by primary school. Same year my dad had passed on and still the same year ,Universal Primary Education was introduced in government owned schools and to me that was a blessing in disguise considering the fact that my late dad had quite a number of wives and I wasn’t staying with him so no one from his side would foot the school dues…(story about him for another day). Back to our story, We did shower and hit the road for about 2km to the school where we found other kids that had come for the same. Before going we were briefed on some of the common questions they normally asked during such interviews one of them being “How many people are on earth” to which the answer was supposed to be “Two”( Man and Woman) only to get there and were given some other interview where one was supposed to use either the left or right hand pass it over the head and touch the ear on the other side and if one did that it meant they were mature enough for school and yes I did touch my ear . That marked the beginning of my quest for the the key to success….. Till next time I remain yours Nandide.